There is an ancient Chinese saying that describes three key elements necessary to create a successful venture: timing, place, and human harmony. From the moment we incorporated EY Laboratories, we observed these three elements closely. It is our belief that the San Francisco bay area was the site for pioneering work in the biotech industry. Combined with knowledge of our key founders, energy and confidence we ventured into this exciting area of research and development to serve the academic, government and non-profit research communities, as well as biotech and pharmaceutical organizations.

Since 1978, EY Laboratories, Inc has been a global innovator in research biochemicals and clinical diagnostics. Over three decades, EY Labs has capitalized on multiple technical break-throughs spanning from biochemical reagents for research to point of care applications applied in clinical environments and remote third world environments with no special equipment. Today, EY Laboratories continues to innovate in all all research areas and push the boundaries of biochemical innovation.

Across three decades, EY Laboratories, Inc. has served research science and clinical laboratories in nearly 150 Countries Worldwide. The areas of expertise and application of our products and services have reached nearly every scientific discipline, including but not limited to:

Agriculture/Plant Biology Dental Research Rapid Diagnostics
Bioterrorism Research Infectious Diseases High Volume Screening
Cell Biology Immunology Environmental Science
Cancer Research Materials Science Food Science, Nutrition
Cosmetics Medical/Hospital testing Pharmaceuticals
Glycobiology Nanotechnology Electrical/Mechanical Engineering
Defense & Weapons Research Neutraceuticals Physics
Forensics Diabetes research Chemical Engineering
Biochemistry, Chemistry Molecular Biology Microbiology