One Platform, Any Application InstantChek Technology can be applied to virtually any field of research: glycobiology, immunology, microbiology, bioterrorism, world healthcare,veterinary,forensics, point of care, you name it.
Unique – Invented at EY. We’re not reselling or reengineering an existing concept. We created the concept of direct flow through for rapid assays and have improved on it since the very beginning. Years of R&D have refined InstantChek into the most advanced assay system in the world today.
Speed The average ELISA takes approximately 13 hours for preparation and at least 2 hours to perform the assay. In contrast, the InstantChek assay is only 1 minute. For custom innoculations on the device, it can take a little as one second.
Visual Qualitative results are visually observable with our highly sensitive reagents. Just use your eyes.
Quantitative Quantitative results can be determined within a second by a patened instrument.
Simple protocol Now you don’t have to remember a long list of steps – Just do it – Avoid the errors that can happen in complex protocols. Instantchek’s simple assay prevents mistakes from happening.
Just Peel and Save You can save your results after you completed the assay by peeling off the top layer. Perfect for record keeping, and easy to fit right into a lab notebook, for non-infectious materials.
Just one pipette is all the equipment you need to perform your experiment. We’ve kept it low hassle, low maintenance to generate the quickest results straight out of the kit box. Everything else is provided and ready to go. InstantChek devices, reagents, instructions.
Redesign research today, not tomorrow Often assays take hours, days to revise and reimplement. With Instant Chek, redesign your assay within minutes of completion. Save time and expenses by skipping protocols that are reagent and material intensive.