Custom Services

EY Laboratories, Inc has over 30 years of in-house expertise to manufacture specialized reagents and bulk quantities of our stock catalog items. Custom services are biochemical reagents for research use only and not intended for therapeutic uses or applications. While EY Laboratories manufactures test kits, we do not provide testing services for end users in our facility. Please visit the sections below for more information.


Custom Colloidal Gold

Custom colloidal gold conjugations are available per conjugate, for all particle sizes from 5-40 nanometers. Selection of nanometer size must be specified at time of order. Conjugations take approximately 1-3 business days depending on schedules. Please specify the quantity of antibody prior to order so that we may price appropriately. Yield is not determined until after conjugation is complete, and cannot be estimated prior to conjugation.

For customers who wish to provide reagents from various sources, we ask that reagents are drop shipped to us. For example, the customer will place an order with their Antibody Company of choice for the antibody and have it shipped directly to EY for custom conjugation at the address below.

EY Laboratories, Inc
Custom Gold Dept
107 N. Amphlett Blvd
San Mateo, CA. 94401 USA


Please contact our custom services department for inquiries and pricing.

Bulk Quantities in Colloidal Gold conjugates

From milliters to liters, EY Laboratories, Inc can manufacture large volumes of colloidal gold or colloidal gold labeled conjugates with high grade and precise optical densities. Typical turnover times for liter size deliveries are within 1 week of confirmed order. For more information, please request information directly through our custom services information form.

About our colloidal gold products

The colloidal gold solutions are packaged in siliconized amber vials with silicon stoppers. Particles of colloidal gold not stabilized with protein will remain in solution, due to electrostatic repulsion, for up to one year when stored at 5-8°C. All Colloidal Gold conjugates with particle sizes 10nm and larger will have an OD520 >= 4.0. Conjugates at 5nm will have at least OD520 = 1.0. Large fluctuations in temperature during storage, violent shaking or contact with strong reducing or oxidizing agents must be avoided in order to prevent aggregation formation as indicated by a color change from red to blue.

EY Laboratories has over 30 years expertise in custom colloidal gold conjugations and manufacturing from milliliter to liters sizes with GLP and high standards of quality control.

In addition, EY Laboratories provides InstantChek(TM) quality control devices for all stock antibody conjugates. InstantChek is a highly sensitive, rapid testing format that is used to qualitatively confirm reagent activity. It is a proprietary format that was developed in-house at EY Labs, and is perhaps the most dynamic rapid testing format available on the market today.

The InstantChek platform is a 10th generation rapid testing methodology that has been used across the world for applications ranging as widely from WHO HIV testing to bioterrorism. InstantChek is also available for custom conjugations at the customer’s discretion.


Bulk Quantities and Custom Lectin conjugates

Over the past 30 years EY Laboratories has honed its manufacturing expertise in lectins and lectin conjugates. To maintain high levels of quality control, EY has developed proprietary quality systems and performs all processes internally. To guarantee you the highest quality product, we do not contract or outsource any of our processing. Many of our lectins can be produced in gram quantities and readily available for scaled up research and application needs. Please note that certain lectins are contingent on seasonal availability. Lectins and lectin conjugates are not intended for therapeutic or pharmacological use.

Some Examples, but not limited to:

  • Gram size lyophilized WGA, Con A, AIA (Jacalin), GS I, MAA, AAA, PNA, Lotus lectins
  • WGA-apo-HRP labeled Colloidal gold
  • Ferritin labeled lectins

For more details about lectins and conjugates, please see our catalog

Please contact our custom services department for inquiries and pricing.