Results in less than 60 Seconds.

What is InstantChekTM?

InstantChek is a rapid assay technology platform that can be both qualitative and quantitative. It can be applied to virtually any biotechnology related field.

InstantChek uses a simple and specially designed device and labelling technique that offers high signal over noice ratio. The prefabricated device provides a single or muliple analyte assay platform.

Why use InstantChekTM?

Saves you Time.Most assays take hours, days to complete and perform. With InstantChek, results can be started and completed in as little as 60 seconds.

Simple.Instead of multiple steps, complete an assay with as fewer than five steps from start to finish.

FlexibleThe types of signal labeling can be enzyme based, fluroescent, or colloidal gold labeled.

Compact.Unlike many assays, there is no need for additional equipment to perform InstantChek other than a pipette.